Welcome to Penguin Software home of the XWord program for the 3Com Palm Computer.

Jan 1, 2003 XWord is no longer available for purchase. Thanks to everyone for your support of XWord. The free version will continue to be available.

June 7, 2000 XWord Version 0.82a released. Includes an update to puz2pil ver 1.5 to fix a USA Today bug.

Mac version of puz2pil is now available! Thanks go to Herb Otto for the port to the Mac OS. Check out his web page here or download it immediately. MacPuz2Pil

XWord is a crossword puzzle program for the 3Com PalmPilot handheld computer. The latest version is a well tested commercial quality product.


XWord takes advantage of the program puz2pil to convert puzzles found on the Internet to XWord format. Currently puz2pil supports USA Today, and partial support for New York Times and London Times, as well as puzzles generated by CrossWord Express Professional. XWord has a number of optional cheat features and my favorite is the Show Errors mode where it displays a question mark whenever you enter an incorrect letter. This allows you to know if you are on the right track without being told the correct answer if you are wrong.

Jan 1, 2003 XWord is no longer available for purchase. The unregistered version is now free, but is not as complete as the full registered version.

The free version is slightly crippled in that it will only allow you to access up to 3 puzzles at a time, and there are a number of features which only work with the first listed puzzle.

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