Help Downloading Puzzles

puz2pil can read AcrossLite format puzzles. Many of the newspapers still provide puzzles in this format. Many newspapers also have new versions of Java puzzles or other HTML or print only puzzles. These typically will not work with puz2pil. The exception to this is the London Times HTML format is supported.

Please note that Across Lite is a trademark of Literate Software. XWord and Penguin Software are not affiliated with Literate Software.

So for most of the newspapers, don't follow the links to the Java puzzles. You need to choose the old AcrossLite format. This is typically another link on the same page. Also the archives are also often in this format.

On most browsers, when you move your mouse over a link, it will show the name of the link at the bottom of the window. Look for the link which has a file name which ends in .puz

Please give your support to the sites shown below so they will continue to provide daily puzzles. XWord is not currently associated with any of them and they will not be able to give you any help with running XWord or puz2pil

Sources of compatible puzzles for download

USA Today Today's Puzzle
.puz file can be found towards bottom of their daily puzzle page.
NY Times Puzzles and Archive NY Times requires registration to access their puzzles.
Chicago Sun Times Today's Puzzle
Again be sure to select the Across Lite format.
Houston Chronicle Today's Puzzle
Puzzle Archive

Other sites with Across Lite Puzzles

Pioneer Press Current Puzzle

Finally this link would appear to be the ultimate page for links to crossword puzzles. You may find many more puzzles here which will work with XWord. But you are sure to find many which you can play while connected to the internet.

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David Gerdes