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General R Bike How To's:

Bike specific info

R80/R100 GS/PD related info

R65/R65LS related info


/2 R50/R50S/R60/R69S...


  • Paul Sotrop's R50/5, R60/5, R75/5 pagePaul Sotrop
  • Jim Buchanan's excellent /5 technical how-to page

    K bikes



    How Carburetors work... by Bob Frasier
    BMW Transmission Articles by Kari Prager
    How Mufflers work... by Joe Dille
    BMW News Paul Hounslow
    Comprehensive inventory of BMW motorcycle production 1923-1974
    Boxer Regulator Schematics by Matt Bennett and Rik Steenwinkel
    High Power Output Regulator by Brian Curry
    Need More Power? Add an external alternator... pictures by Sven-erik Tiberg
    Wind tunnel data for R100 provided by Sven-erik Tiberg
    Sparkplugs for R bikes
    "Snake Oil! Is That Additive Really A Negative"by Fred Rau. 8/92
    "More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil" by Ed Hackett
    The DOD Yellow Pages
    Bolt sources
    The DOD Motorcyclists Buyer's guide
    Information on Helmets
    Leathers FAQ: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Martin Fitzpatrick
    BMW clothes Paul Hounslow
    Motorcycle Tips and Techniques The Master Strategy Group
    Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Page


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    Travel around the world on a BMW...

    1995 Paris->Panama rally

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    • Other motrocycle mail lists...
    • Airheads non-chat list for BMW boxers with type 247 and earlier engines. Send subscription request to with the message body: subscribe AIRHEADS your name here
    • bmwmoa BMW Motorcycle Owners of America mailing list. Send subscription request to with the message subscribe bmwmoa

    NOTE: As of May 1997, this page is in a state of stasis as it's web master ( Dave Thompson) is travelling around the world on his beemer. Information on this page may go out of date, as the web master doesn't plan to be back for 2-3 years.